During the early programming meetings with the Beam Team, several adjectives emerged that informed the design of their space: innovative, precise, collaborative, rigorous, and humble. The Beam Team sought to create a workplace and culture that value the individual while also promoting openness and collaboration, and they wanted to avoid looking or feeling too “corporate” or “slick.” What emerged was a space that achieved those goals through the clear and functional organization of the space; the thoughtful placement of shared spaces that encourage interaction and personal connections; the distribution of natural light and views throughout; and, the strategic use of color, sculptural forms, and branding to express Beam’s values and ethos.

Susi Sanchez completed this project as a Principal at Charles Rose Architects.


Office/Lab Fitout and

Environmental Graphics

38,000 SF


Cambridge, MA


LLB Architects

Vandeweil Engineers

Fort Point Project Management

The Richmond Group


Neil Alexander

UX Architecture Studio is a registered Minority and Woman-Owned (MBE/WBE) firm in Massachuestts.