The Seaholm Power Plant—a massive Art Deco style concrete structure built in the 1950s—provided electricity to the City of Austin until the 1980s when it became dormant for several decades until becoming part of a large development to serve Austin’s growing tech industry.


Keeping with Athenahealth’s values of adaptive reuse and connection to historical structures, Susi Sanchez led the programming, planning and design of the 115,000 square foot interior, converting the former power plant into a modern, flexible office space for the rapidly growing technology company. Spread across the four floors of the building, the scope includes open workspace with a raised floor to meet the high demand of flexibility among the R&D teams; a variety of meeting spaces for small & large groups; several kitchens and lounges strategically located to encourage informal meet-ups or alternate work styles; two architectural stairs connecting the four floors; a recreation room including high-tech gaming, as well as a low-tech pool table; phone rooms and wellness rooms for individual employee use; and interior graphics to reflect and reinforce athenahealth’s brand and culture.

Susi Sanchez completed this project as a Principal at Charles Rose Architects.


Office Renovation/Fit-out


Environmental Graphics

115,000 RSF


Austin, TX


STG Design (Architect of Record)

Steph Fox (Furniture/Interiors)

Clayton Spencer Bay Associates (ME))

Structures Haynes Whaley (Structural)

Avison Young (PM


Casey Dunn

Darlene DeVita