About UX

After 20 years at award-winning firms (named after their “starchitect” founders), Susi Sanchez founded UX with the user experience as the firm’s namesake and core value. At UX, we strive to express design not as the personality of a single person, but in the contribution the design makes to the well-being and whole experience of everyone who inhabits and uses the space.


The common thread in our work is the attention we place on the human experience — how design is used, perceived, felt, and how design can affect community, productivity, and health. This preoccupation is at the forefront of our design process, which has led us to study the user experience at every scale — from concept design and environmental graphics to campus master planning and the design of interiors and buildings. This focus is critical, both to the client who is managing costs while optimizing design standards, as well as to the individual users whose health and happiness are closely tied to their physical environment.

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Our Team


Susi Sanchez, AIA, founded UX after 20 years of award-winning residential, institutional, and commercial work at the practices of Miralles Tagliabue (EMBT) in Barcelona, Steven Holl Architects in New York, and most recently Charles Rose Architects in Boston, where she was a Principal. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Susi graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design where she was awarded the Julia Amory Appleton Fellowship to pursue research of migrant labor and the effects of borderland urban planning on laborers' plight for legitimacy in the United States. Now leading UX, a woman- and minority-owned business, Susi brings her established process of research, client engagement, and meaningful design to every project.

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Margaux Van Houtte is an architect and educator. She earned a Master of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her teaching explores foundational concepts of architecture in Visual Literacy taught at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, as well as cultural narrative in a summer program in France that combines printmaking and architecture to explore concepts of production, process, time, and self perception. In her work as an architect, Margaux is interested in understanding dwelling as a way of imagining all architecture- dwelling as a means of achieving a space that delights the senses, engages the soul and memory, actively involves and empowers the user in his environment.

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After earning her design degree in Seoul, Korea, Mary Park earned her Masters at the Rhode School of Design, where she focused on Interior Architecture and Adaptive Reuse. Since joining UX last year, she has been a critical team member for the Biogen Campus Master Plan and Harvard Enterprise Research Campus.