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Biotech Office-19

Cambridge Biotech


Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding


Cambridge, MA

Design Team

Margaux VanHoutte, Susi Sanchez, Lee Dykxhoorn

Interior Architects

Perkins & Will


Jane Messinger



For their new headquarters in Cambridge, the biotech company tapped the UX team to tell their story throughout their 124,000-square-foot office and lab space.

Designing alongside the interior architects, Perkins & Will, the UX team programmed and designed the artwork for the "portals" the architects conceived as important transition between spaces and repeated at each of the 4 floor levels. Taking a deep dive into their science and company culture, UX produced 4 dynamic, themed moments, saturated with color, information, and the key elements of the company's culture.

Biotech Office-7
Biotech Office-18
Biotech Office-16

A key request from the Client was that the installation be changeable over time. To achieve this, UX worked closed with the fabricators, Blue Hive to devise a system that could provide that flexibility. The 3-D installations are held together with magnets, allowing for the content to change over time. The graphics are easily removeable, leaving behind a sculptural wall between installations.

biotech architecture
Biotech architecture
Biotech architecture
Biotech architecture
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