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Beam Therapeutics


Office & Lab Fit-out


Cambridge, MA

Design Team

Susi Sanchez, Miep Keller, Lee Dykxhoorn, Simon Guannan

Susi Sanchez completed this project as Principal at Charles Rose Architects


LLB Architects

Vanderweil Engineers

Fort Point Project Management

The Richmond Group


Merrill Shea



During the early programming meetings with the Beam Team, several adjectives emerged that informed the design of their space: innovative, precise, collaborative, rigorous, and humble. 

The Beam Team sought to create a workplace and culture that value the individual while also promoting openness and collaboration, and they wanted to avoid looking or feeling too “corporate” or “slick.” What emerged was a space that achieved those goals through the clear and functional organization of the space; the thoughtful placement of shared spaces that encourage interaction and personal connections; the distribution of natural light and views throughout; and, the strategic use of color, sculptural forms, and branding to express Beam’s values and ethos.


Through a rigorous and fast-paced programming phase, the design team identified the program that would be the heart of the workplace and located it at the "elbow" of floorplate. With a clear connection to the interior stair that connects the two levels of office and labs, the kitchen and reception space become the central space in the company. 

2nd Flr Axo - Kitchen Highlighted.JPG
Furniture Plan.jpg



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