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Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding


Boston, MA

Design Team

Margaux Van Houtte, Susi Sanchez, Catalina Montanez (FPPM)

Fort Point Project Management, Jessie BeardenMolly Scannell


Interior Architect



Merrill Shea



For Grubhub's new 75,000 sq. ft. office space in Boston, UX in collaboration with Fort Point Project Management developed a graphics and wayfinding concept that reinforced their brand and new neighborhood strategy.

In addition to designing large-scale original artwork, custom privacy film, and wayfinding signage. UX and FPPM also selected and worked with several artists commissioned to provide branded artwork for the new space.  In collaboration with the Grubhub team, UX created a wayfinding strategy that identified and distinguished neighborhoods by color and food group—a nod to the core of Grubhub’s business.

Grubhub office Boston
Grubhub office Boston
Grubhub office Boston

Privacy film on the meeting rooms serves the dual purpose of identifying the rooms and reinforcing the office neighborhoods' colors and themes.

Grubhub office Boston
Grubhub office Boston
Grubhub office Boston

Our process included collaborating with artists to create custom installations for Grubhub's new space.


Jessie Bearden created 3 playful installations at key circulation points in the space, using colorful condiments bottles, plastic utensils, and branded swag.

Molly Scannell's installation (top of page) blends the Grubhub and Level Up logos, acknowledging their recent merger.

Jessie Bearden art
office game room
Grubhub office Boston
Grubhub office Boston



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